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Sponsor our game

From day one of this game both Jay and Lyn decided that it was just for fun and would always be free. However it does cost us. We do recoup some of the cost with the adverts that get placed around the site. We also have a donation button on the site in the hope that some of you will take pitty on our walets and help towards the running of the site.
(it also unlocks the 3/7 day limit for predictions). All donations are greatfuly received however if you:-
Sponsor more than £10 and get a link added to our site(underneath the donation button on the left).
Sponsor more than £50 and we design you a advert and place it on our site.
Sponsor more than £100, thank you very much, you can have a banner plus some wording on our email.

Remember to include your login ID when you paypal your donation.


This website is run purely by no funding what so ever, so all the domain and hosting services and the cash prize is paid for by Jay and Lyn, we rely on donations to help keep the website running and to help towards the cash prize for the overall winner, we also rely on our members to click the banner advertisements and simply browse through the pages when they click through and (hopefully) purchase an item after they have clicked through because although each click is just pennies to us, the pennies can mount up over the months and help pay towards the running of this website...
So go on, click and surf or donate and help..!