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Mini Leagues

Would you like your own Mini League? Well you can.
For the reasonable sum of £10 you can have your very own league table.
To apply just fill in your details below and once we have received your details we will create your league and issue you with your own special mini league code.

Note: Your members must use this code on registration to join your league otherwise they will just be another member. If you or your members have already registered then once you receive your code you will receive details of how to let us know the members and have them joined to your league. This service is covered in the membership fee.

Why the charge?: Well both Jay and Lyn have been running this site for well over 15 years, just for the fun of it. But each year it costs us more and more to run. We have always ask for donations to offset the costs and hopfully to get a prize worth winning and a few of you do (Thank you) however it still doesn't quite cover it. We have always maintained that the game remains free but we feel that a little admin charge to cover the setting up of the mini league isn't too much to ask. It covers you for the entire year no matter how many games we play. (The mini leagues will be cleared down on the 1st Jan each year). NOTE: Actualy playing the game remains (and always will) free. 

Get a FREE mini league. To get this offer bring on 10 or more new players.
for this offer DO NOT USE the button below
get your players to sign up then use the contact us form. Put mini league at the top of the message as well as what you want to be called and list your players. We will give you a mini league code to add future players and allocate these to your league.

To create your own league please fill in below:-

Name Of League

Please note your code will go to your paypal registered email address. You will then be able to apply it to your registration.


This website is run purely by no funding what so ever, so all the domain and hosting services and the cash prize is paid for by Jay and Lyn, we rely on donations to help keep the website running and to help towards the cash prize for the overall winner, we also rely on our members to click the banner advertisements and simply browse through the pages when they click through and (hopefully) purchase an item after they have clicked through because although each click is just pennies to us, the pennies can mount up over the months and help pay towards the running of this website...
So go on, click and surf or donate and help..!